What We Do

  • We interview, hire and motivate contract employees for clients using¬†competency based interview method.
  • Our span covers all technical and professional needs in Nigeria and off shore.
  • Third Party Employee Outsourcing for :
  • Oil and Gas Sector
  • Financial Institutions
  • Telecoms
  • Energy Sector
  • Manufacturing
  • Government and Agencies
  • Food, Beverages & Nutrients Industries
  • Phamarceutical Industries etc.

01-Employee Background Check(EBC)

Building stronger and secure workforce by way of screening employees in order to reduce negative behavior and criminal activities within the organization.

Considering the lack of trust in business transactions in Nigeria and the general distrustful climate around, we committed ourselves to direct sourcing and verification of most personal data needed for this service. The importance of this exercise is to prevent potential criminal/fraudulent activities within the organization.

Blue Pearl is poised to work with organizations in building stronger and secure workforce by screening employees to reduce negative behavior and criminal activities within the organization.

02- Consultancy Services

  • Business Process Review
  • Training and Management Program
  • Performance Management Process Evaluation
  • Financial and Quality Audit
  • Unit Internal Audit (UIA)
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Compensation and Benefits Planning
  • Leadership Development Program
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Job Analysis and Evaluation
  • Executive Search/Recruitment (Using Competency Based Interview Method)
  • Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisition
  • Customer Service Review and Installation
  • International Quality Certification – ISO 9001 and 14000 Series
  • Pension Plan

03- Training/Management Development

  • Needs Assessment
  • Personal Effectiveness Training Programs
  • Life After Retirement
  • Organizational Renewal Programs
  • Developing Competencies & Management Practices
  • High Performance Team Series
  • Effective Leadership and Management¬† Series
  • Market Leadership and Competitive Strategies
  • Workshop on ISO 9001/14000 Series
  • Industrial Relations Seminars
  • Performance Management System Program
  • -Objective Setting
  • -Appraisal Writing
  • -Career Development & Succession Planning